Hypnosis - Dayton Ohio - Cincinnati Ohio
10921 Reed Hartman Hwy, Suite 114
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Offices in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio
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Hypnosis can be used to treat a variety of physical and emotional life challenges.

Childhood Disorders ADD/ADH  Test Anxiety
Smoking     Study Improvement Anxiety/Mood Swings
Stress Management Weight Control Grief and loss
Sexual Problems  Phobias/ Fears Relationships Enrichment
Forgiveness/Letting Go Alcoholism Addiction/Negative Habits
Anger Management Building Confidence Interpersonal Problems
Healing the Wounded Heart Depression Insomnia
Painless Childbirth Help with Life Transitions Helping A.I.D.S. Patient
Gambling Speech/Disorders Blocks to Motivation and Creativity
Dentistry Apprehensiveness  Forensic Work with a Witness  Pre/Post-Surgery
Self-Esteem   Worry Regression/Progression Healing  
Procrastination  Accelerated Healing
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