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Hypnosis: What it is, How it works, Why you need it

Hypnosis can help you understand yourself better; it can help you change your
 bad habits into good ones, and it can transform your negative feelings into positive ones.
And it can make these changes occur so easily that it sometimes seems more like magic
 than a scientific tool. you are always in control.
the hypnotist has no magical power and cannot control you or make you do things you
 don't want to do. Hypnosis is a completely voluntary act wherein you always remain
 conscious; you're always aware and able to hear, to talk, and to make decisions.
you can only be hypnotized if you want to be and you willingly follow the hypnotist's
 instructions. Think of your hypnotist as a guide. If you choose to follow your
 hypnotist's instructions, you will be guided into a wonderful, relaxed state of focus and
 awareness. And afterwards, you will remember everything that happened.
When you're in a hypnotic state you can easily make positive changes because your
 self-conscious mind is more open to suggestions for change.


I. Conscious Mind/Logical Mind
  A. Analytical Reasoning  
     This is the part of us that looks at simple and complex problems and gives us the best
  B. Rational Reasoning 
     This part must give us a reason why we behave in any particular fashion. 
     Unfortunately the reason is never original.
  C. Will Power  
     Will power is the fuel that initiates action towards a given goal. 
     Will power is always short lived. 
  D. Working Memory 
     The working memory is the place we store the information that has been drawn from the
 long term memory 
     The working memory is located in the conscious mind for use at any given moment
II. Subconscious Mind/Computer 
  A. Long Term Memory 
     This is where we store the memories of everything that has ever happened to us. 
     Everything that we have every heard, seen, smelled, touched or tasted since our brain
 was formed. 
     It is the information that determines how we react to any situation.
  B. Habits 
     Good Habits - saying thank you, getting exercise, and keeping clean. 
     Bad Habits - smoking, eating wrong foods, and biting fingernails. 
     General Habits - How we respond to the phone ringing or a doorbell.
  C. Emotions 
     We can be happy. 
     We can be sad.
  D. Self Preservation 
     This part of our subconscious protects us from any harm - real or imaginary.

The Mind

Think of yourself as having basically two minds: your conscious mind and your subconscious
 mind. Your conscious mind is your thinking, awake state of awareness, yet comprises a
 remarkably paltry 12% of your mind. Let?s see what?s in that 12% . . .

Your Conscious Mind

Your conscious mind has five functions.
Working memory
Voluntary body functions

Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a level of awareness that you generally don't have easy access to in
 a waking state, yet it represents a whopping 88% of your consciousness! Your subconscious
 has some features that might surprise you ..

The subconscious cannot think or reason, and it cannot argue.
Who you are, how you respond, and what you believe, are functions of your subconscious
Your habits are a function of your subconscious mind.    
The subconscious mind stores the memory of not only everything you experience, but also all
of your thoughts, fantasies, daydreams, and night dreams
The subconscious protects you from real danger and imagined danger.

How the Conscious and the Subconscious Work Together

The subconscious and the conscious minds complement each other; they work together,
each doing separate tasks. Your subconscious registers your feelings and impressions, and
 promptly passes them on to the conscious, at which time they register in your awareness.
The only thing the subconscious can do is agree with you; it was designed by nature to be your
Think of the mind as operating like a computer. The conscious mind is like the desktop on
 the display.
Regardless of whether you believe your hard drive was empty when you were born or was
 already filled with thoughts and memories from lives past, it can still be reprogrammed.

Then, little by little, it was programmed by your life experience so that today you are a sum
 total of everything that has ever happened to you. And I mean everything, from impressions
 of everything you have ever done, seen, heard, tasted, smelled, or imagined.
With hypnosis you can also change your attitudes and beliefs and thereby change your
 emotional responses. It?s possible to reduce guilt, anger, hatred, and resentment,
 opening you up to experience more emotions such as care, joy and happiness.
 Who wouldn?t want more of those?
Our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory,
 and self-preservation. It is the part of the mind that the hypnotist focuses on, and the part
 through which it is possible to bypass the conscious mind entirely in order to open the door
 to positive chang. 


The hypnotist cannot control you, make you do things you don't want to do, or make you
 tell secrets. You are always in control.
Hypnosis is a voluntary act. You can only be hypnotized if you want to go into hypnosis
 and are willing to follow the hypnotist's instructions. When you do this, nothing can keep
 you from going into hypnosis and everyone can be hypnotized if they want to be.
You are not asleep or unconscious during hypnosis; you are always aware and able to hear,
 to talk, and to make decisions. You are intentionally accessing the hypnotic trance that occurs
 without intent, probably several times a day.
Hypnosis can create powerful positive changes in your life when you hold a positive mental
 attitude toward a suggestion offered to your subconscious mind

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